Jaak Aaviksoo
Rector of TalTech

Rector talks:
TalTech – what
changed and why?

On its 100th birthday, the leader of Estonian research, technology, and innovation will undergo modernisation:

the Tallinn University of Technology will officially adopt the shortened name TalTech. As our vision of today’s society is innovative, entrepreneurial, technologically advanced, and open to the world, we wish for these phrases to apply also to us.

Our main conception, however, will remain unchanged – we are still a university of technology that serves the Estonian state and its people through internationally high-level studies and research to renew the Estonian economy and provide ideas to improve standards of living all around the world.

TalTech is Estonia’s
most innovative

as confirmed by the Estonian universities’ reputation survey.
According to the results of the survey, the TalTech University is known for new and digital technologies.

Our curricula have been fully updated to meet the needs of the labour market, and experienced practitioners from the private sector have been involved.TalTech’s learning environment is also in constant development – several laboratories have been renewed and more and more teaching is done via e-channels.

Engineering and IT
go hand in hand
in TalTech,

which is reflected in curricula combining the two fields. Over the years, TalTech engineers have developed important solutions for Estonia. This practical contribution continues, becoming increasingly smart.

We make real things, such as self-driving cars or the TTÜ100 satellite, and develop them on the spot from scratch. TalTech is also becoming a modern digital campus offering extensive opportunities for the development of a smart city and is also a test polygon for Estonian companies for testing their solutions.

TalTech values

Our goal is to pay more attention to maintaining and developing the quality of management. In recent years, several executives and specialists with private and public sector experience have joined us.

During the last couple of years, we have thoroughly changed the structure of the university by making the work of faculties and institutes more efficient and focused. We also digitise processes taking place at the University with the TalTechDigital initiative, linking digitalisation with education.

TalTech is the most international
university in Estonia.

We offer internationally strong higher education. Our students, lecturers, top researchers, and experts come from all over the world, from 94 different countries.

Compared with other Estonian universities, TalTech has most foreign students (13.4%) and lecturers (16%).Compared with other Estonian universities, TalTech has also been most active in involving top researchers. We also work daily with universities and research institutions around the world.

TalTech values
with enterprises

and brings business to a new level. We are the first contact for companies and public authorities upon starting research. In teaching, TalTech relies primarily on the needs of the Estonian society and the economic sphere, constantly creating benefits and value for Estonia.

TalTech supports enterprises in organisational and product development. Our Innovation and Business Centre Mektory brings together researchers, students, and entrepreneurs. Young people get inspiration, knowledge, and resources for creating and developing student start-up businesses.

TalTech is
an academic
opinion leader.

The courage to change, the will to evolve together with the rapidly changing world of technology, and the desire to have knowledge-based discussions make TalTech a think tank in academic discussions.

We believe that the high level of research and academic studies as well as academic freedom are absolutely crucial. Thus, TalTech has become the first university in Estonia to offer a tenure-based academic career model.

Most innovative Engineering and IT Modern management International Cooperation with enterprises Academic leader

Frequently asked questions

What does TalTech mean?

It is a combination of two words – Tallinn + technology. The abbreviation TalTech gives a clear image of both the location of the university and the field of technology. It is also easy to use in both English and Estonian cultural spaces.

Is the name ‘Tallinn University of Technology’ no longer used?

The name of the Tallinn University of Technology is still the Tallinn University of Technology. We have simply started using the new, international abbreviation TalTech.

Why is the new abbreviation necessary?

The abbreviation is easy to use and it is the basis for the international brand and new logo of the university. In addition, the introduction of the name TalTech represents the progress of the university and is a logical step forward in the light of extensive reforms at the university: passing the legislation of the university, modernisation of the structure and statutes of the university, reform of the study programmes, implementation of the tenure system, industrial doctorates, etc. The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the university gave the introduction of the new abbreviation a symbolic meaning.

Why does Tallinn University of Technology need an English abbreviation?

The formal name of the university is still Tallinn University of Technology and everyone who wants to can use it. The abbreviation TalTech is neither English nor Estonian; it is an international trademark that replaces a number of acronyms that have been used until now – TPI, TTÜ, TTU, TUT.

What university’s am I an alumnus of now?

All of our alumni are still the alumni of Tallinn University of Technology. If anyone wishes, they can use the name that was used for the university when they graduated, but of course, they can also call themselves an alumnus of TalTech.

Am I no longer allowed to say TTÜ?

The abbreviation TTÜ will probably still be used in oral communication, just as TPI is. At the same time, we want Tallinn University of Technology to be known by the trademark TalTech and for that reason, we recommend everybody to use this abbreviation.

How is TalTech pronounced?

It is not customary to set pronunciation rules that are based on a specific language for international names.

How is TalTech pronounced in Russian?

You can pronounce it as you like! One way to pronounce it and write it is TалTeх.

When did Tallinn University of Technology start using the name TalTech?

Tallinn University of Technology started using the abbreviation TalTech on 17 September 2018 at the 100th anniversary of the university.

How are the projects and organisations which currently use the abbreviation TTÜ now called? For example, the Summer School of TTÜ, the TTÜ School of Engineering, etc.?

In writing, TTÜ will be replaced by TalTech along with Estonian declension: the Summer School of TalTech (TalTechi suvekool), the TalTech School of Engineering (TalTechi inseneriteaduskond), the TalTech Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture (TalTechi ehituse ja arhitektuuri instituut), the basketball team of TalTech (TalTechi korvpallimeeskond), etc.

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